The 'It's Over' Post

Ok well it’s not really over. More so it’s just moving. It’s not even that far, just click here or remember that jamieinva.blogspot.com is totally the next jamieinorlando.blogspot.com! (Oh em gee!) I figured it’s a good idea to start a new chapter in my blogging endeavors. I look forward to continue to post entries and I hope that my time in Virginia will offer as many interesting and exciting things to blab on about as Orlando has for the past two years. So anyway, head on over and see what’s going on up here…in the cold. And see how I am re-acclimating to life without rollercoasters.


The Ale House Post

After work on Monday was a blast. Lots of people from the office made it out to the Ale House for a little send off which was pretty cool. Had a few beers, posed for a few pictures and inevitably had to say some good-byes. Making the move to Orlando was a big deal for me and was only made possible by the terrific people I had as friends. I have been collecting pictures with friends over the past few weeks in an attempt to build a multi-photo poster that would encapsulate my time spent down south. As a going-away present they guys gave me some really cool photo collages that do a pretty good job of summing up my time down there. I really appreciate them, and they look great. I was also given a card which rivals any yearbook I’ve ever had for signatures and kind words. It’s never nice having to say goodbye to friends, and I have definitely made some keepers down in Florida. I’ll be back to visit though so this is far from the end or anything like that. Thanks for everything guys, it’s been a great two years.

Wow blogger does a horrible job of posting with lots of pictures…from now on I think I’ll just link to facebook. What’s that you say? You aren’t on facebook? Are you a communist? Get over there and add me on your friends list. Hurry! It makes me look popular!!


The I'm Back Post

So I’m back. I am typing this from the study which Mum has kindly relinquished to me as I delve into the job market and need a computer to apply to various positions. Coolio is to my left on the couch as she is apparently not too keen on cohabiting with the other pets at this time. She’ll just have to enjoy being in solitary until she can harbor up the strength to do anything more than hiss at Max through the glass door. I’m living out of boxes in the guest bedroom trying to avoid unpacking more than necessary so as to avoid the inevitable re-pack when I find an apartment/job.

The drive up was relatively painless. The car was brimming with stuff and weighed down the Celica so much that it was visibly sagging over the back wheels. It took 14 hours in total due to the loaded car and my insistence that we slowed down when crossing over any large bumps or changes in road surfaces. Coolio made the trip alright but clearly didn’t enjoy it much. Sarah and I switched off driving but where both very much ready to fall asleep by the end of it all. The check-engine-light came on halfway which is never good but I have since got that diagnosed and the ball rolling on fixing the issue. Though it was a little unnerving at the time.

I will do a separate posting about my going-away-party on Monday after work, as soon as I get the pictures from Sarah’s camera. In short though it was awesome to see everyone before heading on out and proof that I made a lot of good friends in Orlando. Stay tuned for more on that front. Anyway I better get back to sorting through emails and applying to things.