The Get Smart Post

Get Smart was a show that I had never seen, or really heard of before. It was described to me as bumbling detective work that pretty much resembles Inspector Gadget without the go-go-gadgeting. That combined with the fact that I like Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway is hot, and I toughly enjoy anything I’ve seen Dwaine (the Rock) Johnston in, had me figuring it would be a safe bet to go see. And while I did enjoy myself during the movie I have to say there where a lot of moments where I felt I had made a mistake in seeing it.

I’m not sure exactly what it was that didn’t sit well with me, but for some reason the whole movie seemed very ‘so-so’. The actors where great, some of the jokes and gags where absolutely hilarious, and a few of the more memorable lines had me laughing at loud. But with all things considered I felt like the movie was missing something at all times. I don’t know what it is I was expecting, but the movie failed to deliver whatever that was, which is a shame. Everyone else in the theater seemed to have no issues with it though and where roaring in the isles. Maybe its because I never saw the show, or maybe because I was expecting the Rock to say ‘go-go’gadget-Peoples Elbow’, whatever the case may be I felt this movie landed a little flat despite its occasional moments of hilarity.

While I can’t really recommend it to anyone being that I just didn’t get it, I can definitely see how people could really enjoy this movie. It’s not bad, but its not certainly not great. Considering the off-kilter subject matter and TV show-to-movie nature of the film I could see it having potential to be a whole lot worse, which fortunately wasn’t the case here. If you go see it let me know why I didn’t like it please, because I cant really figure it out.

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