The Step Bros. Post

Ever been sitting around with some friends and a random joke will spur off into a series of random jokes that get elaborated on until one guy says “Dude this would make an awesome movie!” ? Well this is that movie. And sorry dudes, but it’s not funny and you all suck.

Will Ferrell scrapes the very
bottom of the barrel and clings to his list of ‘stuff that worked in the past from my old movies’ once again to cobble together this new addition to his man-baby film collection. Step Brothers was never going to hit any ‘best of’ lists in my eyes, but even with such low expectations going into the cinema I still managed to be let down by this one. The whole movie was clearly nothing more than a mildly humorous setup that strung together a set of jokes that they wanted to get on the screen. Like Anchorman before it however there are some good quotable in this stinker that will probably merit it a small following. But even the most die-hard Ferrell fans have to question this one.

The usual background comics to-be are here with bit parts that would fit in a stupid SNL sketch better than a movie. Seth Rogan was tricked by his colleagues into
making a brief appearance which was a mistake on his part that I don’t think he’ll make again. The only cast member I didn’t hate was John C. Reilly, but I think that’s just because I’ve only ever seen him in one or two of these comedies and he hasn’t worn out on me yet.

The movie scores a few points for the mid-credit-scene which involved two full grown men pounding the tar out of some bratty elementary school kids. But that’s all. I was very disappointed to see Judd Apatow’s name tied to this one, as I was under the impression he was the one to save this type of comedy from itself. Apparently not.

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