The Spiderman 3 Post

First off I have to admit that my experience with Spiderman 3 was tainted by the morons that graced the same cinema with their presence. Not a punch was thrown onscreen without some idiot yelling ‘daaaaaaamn!’ or ‘oh no he di-ent!”. Not an emotional shot without raucous laughter, or an important plot point without some jerk doing a voiceover of the previous line. Basically I didn’t get to enjoy the movie.. that being said I plan on going back and seeing it again with Jake in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to give a better review then. Until that point I’ll do my best to ignore my unfortunate circumstances and give you an honest opinion:

I liked it. I didn’t love it, and man did I ever want to. I’ve been counting down to this film for weeks and now that its here I find myself a little under whelmed. You can tell where all the money has gone (the effects, the actors and the sheer amount of film used in this 2.5 hr monster), but was it well spent? This movie does everything the other Spidey’s have and makes it all bigger. Better?...no not really. There is definitely a feeling of ‘this has been
done before’ about a lot of the movie's plot points, and it hurts the film. The dance number was embarrassing and quite inadequate, and Kirsten Dunst singing was unnecessary the first time…let along the second. All offences did little to further anything.

The villains were awesome. Sandman was superfluous in everyway however and New Goblin/Venom combo would have more than sufficed. I have the feeling that Marko was left in the film even after Venom was added out of spite if anything else. The sheer amount of Spiderman material they tried to cram into this film really didn’t help things either. Fan favorites wernt given the lip-service they needed, major players become one line wonde
rs, and the heavy hitters were reduced to tag team battles. My main grevance is that there are so many obstacles and issues that Peter/Spidey needs to tackle in this film, yet he only deals with one at a time, and when the problem isn’t taking up the screen he seems to not care on any level that the previous issue was ever a problem. It just gives off a broken feel as far as the script and the plot progression go. It feels like it’s a 3-act play more than a single film.

But all that aside this movie has got: Venom, $3 million in cool effects, amazing cinematography, the entire original cast from the first two, some terrific fight scenes, loads of action and more of all of the above than you can shoot a web at. If you look at it
as a movie it’s not that strong. But look at it as good summer entertainment, then you are in for a fun if not flawed ride.

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