The Simpsons Movie Post

The Simpson’s are without a doubt one of Americas favorite TV families, and over the years we’ve come to love not only the immediate family, but the extended collective of Springfield and its crazy citizens as well. From Lenny and Carl to Groundskeeper Willie, there are so many well established an hilarious characters to choose from, it’s hard not to find something to relate to and enjoy. The movie is not too different from the show. Except maybe longer, and with more of that 3D/2D effect on cars and buildings. Little touches have been made to bring the film up to box office caliber, such as a John Williams score for dramatic flair and to add some emotion when needed, and the animation is polished a little bit. The jokes hit like regular Simpson’s episodes and the plotline and subplots all could quite easily fill 20 minute shorts on Sundays, but somehow it all comes together really well and delivers a great movie when combined.

I was surprised when they started the advertising campaign for this movie; having it center around donuts. Yeah sure Homer eats donuts at work, but was it ever a main icon for the brand? There is one scene where donuts are briefly the focal point, but it’s in passing and feels forced. I have to say I’m pleased, because I’m not a fan of the idea of summing up Springfield, and all its characters, places and charm with a donut. Of all the things you could pick… My only other gripe with the film is that many characters don’t get much screen time. While this is totally understandable considering the massive portfolio of Springfeildians, some characters like Cletus get two or three lines that could have easily been delegated out to other fan favorites in order to spread the love wider. I’m pretty sure you can catch a glimpse of everyone on the roster at one point or another during the course of the film though.

Most gags are quick payoffs and one-liners but there are a few that stick and will be remembered when people think back to not only the movie but the Simpson’s franchise in general. Spider-pig is fast becoming the most irritably easy song to have stuck in your head for hours at a time, and Bart’s nude skateboarding had the whole audience rolling in laughter. I had a grin on my face from curtain up to curtain down despite (as Homer eloquently puts it) “I can’t believe we are paying to see something we could be watching at home for free. If you ask me everyone in this movie theater is a sucker! Especially YOU”. Well this sucker’s still smiling. And I’m willing to be most people will be too after seeing this film.

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