The Burn After Reading Post

Burn After Reading is a movie about incompetence and arrogance, and how a situation can spark from something seemingly benign and snowball into something almost incomprehensible. The real joy with this snowball is the where it ends up though, which makes for an odd movie to review. I feel almost unable to write an traditional review simply because I think that by commenting on any specifics I’d be ruining it for anyone one who thinks they might potentially catch the film. The way it develops, unfolds and concludes is done in a quirky, and largely original way that really gives it it’s appeal. What I can say with confidence is that I liked it a lot, though I see its shortcomings enough not to be blown away.

The casting is a mixed bag with some big names is quirky ro
les mixed in with some other castings that fall flat in many ways. Don’t worry though, as the character’s played by Cloony, Pit, Malcovich and Simmons outshine the shortcomings. I will say that the movie takes a somewhat unexpected turn about halfway though and changes its tone and direction when wrapping up. This will either ruin the movie for you or make it even more absurdly hilarious. The theater I was in had the audience laughing out loud through the credits, but there was one couple who clearly where done and got up and left. I really want you to like this movie, but I feel that by selling it, I’d be doing it a disservice. It’s not perfect and it’s not what you will expect (most likely) but its worth catching if you have a spare few hours this weekend.

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