The Dark Knight Post

A Dark Knight is the best Batman movie ever made. It is the best super hero movie ever made. It is the best movie this summer. And it is one that I will add to any ‘best of’-list from here until the new caped crusader lands on screens for a third outing. The movie far exceeded my expectations (which where ludicrously high) and is without a doubt the best bang for your buck you’ll get at the movies this year. Christopher Nolan’s darker-dark knight is exactly what the franchise needed and joins the short list of sequels that are actually better than the first.

There is so much that goes on in the Dark Knight that it’s almost draining to sit through the whole two and a half hours. Not because it’s tiresome, but because as movie goers we get little practice being so riveted in one long sitting. The casting is phenomenal and everyone pulls their weight, old and new, even Maggie Gyllenhaal’s re-cast Rachel Dawes is bang-on and renders Katie Holmes’ absence unnoticeable. In fact the only noticeable lapse in blockbuster performances comes from Batman himself, which is not due to poor acting on Bale’s part, but more so that he was not given as much screen time as the combined supporting cast. 'I believe in Harvey Dent', but the movie is without a doubt Heath Ledger’s swan song and is completely stolen by the redefined clown-prince-of-crime. As soon as he was introduced via pencil-magic-trick I was sold. Give him the Oscar.

The list of negatives is small, and in no way tarnishes the film, but I did have a few issues with the movie at points; I felt that the mob needed less screen time, especially Salvatore Maroni (and his miraculous healing legs). I also found the Hong Kong scene to be a tad unnecessary (but still very entertaining!); and I thought the bat-sonar machine was completely ridiculous addition that was a tad too reminiscent of the hokey bat-gadgets of the past. That being said I really have nothing bad to say about the movie. Oh but while I’m making quasi-suggestions, someone should really cut Batman some nose holes and give him a lozenge. I think he might be getting a cold.

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