The Wall.e Post

I am biased when it comes to 3D movies and am heavily in favor of pretty much anything Pixar puts out these days. But Wall.e is, if anything, complete justification for such high regard for the studio. It is without a doubt the most charismatic and impressive of the Pixar films to date and is visually on par with anything else out there (and in many cases light years ahead).

Despite having very little dialogue and stars that resemble toasters more than viable characters, Wall.e has an incredible amount of depth to its characters and plot movement. The social commentary, the immediately likable nature of the film and its fine tuned pacing leave audiences entertained and enthralled from curtain to curtain. The storytelling and art direction work hand in hand like a dream, with the end result being the most delightful and downright adorable movie since the first Toy Story. The charming characters deliver laughs, gasps and tears as well as any other movie at this summer which is remarkable considering that everyone is automated to some degree. There is a noticeable difference in charisma between these object-oriented characters over past attempts (such as Cars). This movie is tailor made for Pixar’s strengths, and it shows.

I have issue with the choice to have some human characters appear in 3D while others appear over monitors as live-action footage. The juxtaposition makes you wonder why they made the choice and is rather noticeable. I don’t think they would have lost anything by making it 100% 3D stylized humans. Besides that small qualm though I have nothing but praise to throw at this movie. It really is excellent, and an instant classic. Wall-e is the new adorable Disney icon, and will replace Stitch on pajamas and lunchboxes. Expect to she kids walking radio-controlled Wall-e’s very soon. (read: Expect to see me walking a radio-controlled Wall-e very soon).

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