The Epic Movie Post

Ok, now of course this movie won’t score highly here simply because of the type of film it is. Spoof-comedies are never well acted, shot, made or well…anything. But Epic Movie has the appeal of a SNL sketch, and as we all know SNL can be hit or miss. Epic missed a lot more than it hit unfortunately.

In an attempt to spoof the Chronicles of Narnia the movie sets 4 orphans on a quest to stop the Ice Bitch (Stiffler’s Mom) from taking over ‘Gnarnia’. Along the way they meet rip offs of Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, Borat, Harry Potter, the X-Men and many more. It’s pretty much that Bill and Ted show they do at Universal every Halloween, except 2 hours long. Somehow Kumar made it into this film without me knowing about. Not that I keep tabs on Kal pen, but I’d of thought that a 2nd Van Wilder movie would be enough to keep him off the big screen for a good few months. Apparently not. Carmen Electra makes her usual ‘Movie’ return, as does that little black midget they like to keep bringing back.

For 2 hours of suffering there was about 5 minutes worth of funny. So don’t bother with it if you are wanting a good laugh/time ratio. I enjoyed it simply due to the company watched it with and the fact that we knew what we were getting into before we signed on. But the way the movie doesn’t take itself seriously and often goes out of its way to pull things off in the crappiest and cheapest way possible makes it a laugh worth renting down the road if you have some friends over. And look on the bright side, there is not a Wayan’s brother to be seen! That’s worth a few points right there.

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