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The inner (and mostly outer) child in me won’t let a Ninja Turtles movie come out and not at least check it out. I was fully expecting a crappy adaptation with goofy 3D animation. I was pleasantly mistaken.

The movie was animated beautifully, with some terrific fight scenes. If you’re a turtles fan (or used to be when that sort of thing was socially acceptable) then you won’t be disappointed with this new take on everyone’s favorite pizza eating ninjas. The plot could have been a tad more ‘turtles-oriented’ with the Shedder or something more familiar but unfortunately they opted for the usual ‘save the world before the planets align and open a portal of evil’-crap. However the many pluses to the movie more than cover that up. Human characters were a tad goofy looking (Bratz meet Shrek is the best way I can describe them) but again you get used to the art direction fairly quickly and move on to appreciate the photorealistic qualities of their movements and surroundings. The brotherly face-off between Raph and Leo was brilliant, and there is a scene towards the end of the film that pits the Turtles and allies against thousands of Foot Ninja, which is a fanboy’s dream.

All in all it’s a great film. If you grew up in the 80’s and/or like animated ass-kickery I don’t see how you can’t enjoy this one. Hopefully your friends won’t give you a hard time for going to see it. P.S There is no Ninja Rap in this one… so if you were hoping for Vanilla Ice I’m afraid you’ll have to find your old VHS. Or......

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