The Tyson Christmas Post

Last weekend I was invited to Henry’s holiday party which was sort of the unofficial company Christmas party this year. Having never headed out to Henry’s place before I copped a ride with Buck and Lola who stopped by to check out the apartment before hand. After realizing I was underdressed for the occasion and a prompt wardrobe change I was ready to ride. The party was a lot of fun and very festive feeling. Quite a few families from work where there as well as a few others I hadn’t met before. I ran about a bit snapping the odd shot here or there, lost horribly to Sue at 9-ball and spent a lot of time drinking beer and doing Yager shots with Henry at the T-Bar™. The ‘Jungle Room’ Henry has set up is pretty awesome, and would easily trump any hangout room I’ve been in recently. With a big screen, pool table and Henry’s homemade bar in the corner I felt right at home. The uber comfortable lounge couches didn’t hurt any either. Sue and Arnold where nice enough to give me a ride home after a stop off downtown to see Buck spinning at Sky 60. Very fun night, defiantly got me in the Christmas spirit. Now if only I can think of something clever to write on a dollar to put up on the back wall...

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