The Wii-Hunter Post

Wii’s are still the hot item this Christmas it seems. (Tickle Me Elmo is in tears) Personally I think it’s crazy that the demand is still as high as it is a year and a half after the system’s launch. Apparently Nintendo only ship enough to a location to sell out immediately whilst still outselling the other consoles in quantity. Pretty clever on their part because it keeps the demand up I suppose, but upsetting for families that don’t have the time to camp out at stores and chase after delivery trucks. Susan and the Zollo clan have been in search of a Wii this year as the family Christmas present, and have thus far been unsuccessful in snagging the illusive little system. Fortunately for her I now have the video-game-hook-up and was able to secure a system for her thanks to help from the crew at the store. Had to leave out the back after making the purchase and sneaking around by the dumpster to avoid the throng of customers who we all looking for the same thing. I love Christmas hype…but it’s almost ridiculous. Still anything that’s important enough to do a secret deal with a stealth extraction is cool enough, and adds a little flavor to a lunch break.

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