The 24 Inch Post

So the other day I was speaking with my coworkers about my monitors (they were giving me a headache) and was told to ask Glen in Tech to see if we had any non-CRT monitors I could use laying about. Glen’s away on vacation currently so I put it out of my mind as something to do in a fortnight or so. Today however I was talking with Victor about getting a new monitor in a jovial manner because he was being bugged by all the ladies in the office for new speakers. (Apparently the new girl in Human Recourses got a subwoofer, which sparked a ‘my speakers don’t even work’ and ‘I’ve been asking for new stuff for my office for years’-sorta thing). Anyway, 15 minutes later Victor emerges from the warehouse carrying a brand new 24 inch widescreen monitor. Told me he’d called Glen and cleared it, and set it up for me. It’s freaking sweet! Nice to know that the company wants me to have whatever I need to get the job done too. Very reassuring feeling.

To celebrate the bigness of my new screen I’ve made a widescreen panorama of my desk. Sure the monitor doesn’t look all that impressive in this shot due to the distortion…but whatever, its awesome trust me. Also take note of the bad ass talking Davy Jones figure I got off eBay. “99 souls....3 days!”

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