The Lazy Blog Post

This week I’ve gotten lax about my blogging. Not sure why really. In a nutshell here’s what I missed posts on:

A stolen car was spotted by our UPS guy on Wednesday, underwater in the lake behind our office building. Cops arrived on the scene and sent a subversive robot camera down to ID the tags. It was reported stolen last week and used in a bank robbery. They hoisted the sucker out and expected to find a body inside, sending all onlookers away. Alas nothing quite that cool was inside (actually they found nothing at all). Snapped a few shots.

In other Orlando crime news, Cathleen (the new girl) had her first day at work put on hold as she was down at the police station all day and didn’t make it to the office. She apparently witnessed a vehicular homicide on her way to the office. A dude decided it was a good idea to run his girlfriend over with his car outside her apartment… Seemed like a good idea at the time I suppose.

My 360 made its triumphant return to Chateaux Guy. I’ve got it hooked up and running as before, and besides a few clicks whenever it stops reading a disk that I don’t recall, it’s as good as ever. Old Spice announced their Rewards program on the console that nets you some pretty cool prizes if you raise your gamerscore 1,500pts between now and April 12th. Xbox Live buddy, Treebeerd and I have been attempting t reach that goal already and are getting pretty well into it (I think I’m at 350pts at this point).

In news from up north; Jevan got himself a new step-mom this week when Mr. Pradas proposed on valentine’s day with a Spanish poem to his girlfriend for 5-months. Not to be outdone in family news his cousin also announced her engagement on the same day, as well as coming out of the closet. Sorry George, you’ve been trumped.

Got a letter from Stefan the other day. He’s doing well and is out of the first stage of his training. So no more obstacle courses and gas chambers, which is a good thing. Weapons training is next, which sounds pretty kick ass. He seems quite happy and enjoying the process despite its intensive nature.

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