The Zoo Post

Saturday I went to the zoo with Buck and Laura up in Sanford. It was a smallish zoo in comparison to Animal Kingdom’s safari or the National Zoo up in DC, but had a fair few attractions. The elephant show was pretty cool, and due to the small nature of the place you get pretty close. Funny how all zoo animals have the same ‘animal’-smell. It’s like goat poop and burnt hair. Delightful really. Sue and Arnold from work met up with us there and brought their little boy Haden (the unofficial cutest kid ever). He doesn’t talk yet and communicates with claps and giggles for yes, and burying his face in the nearest person’s leg, for no. The trip took the majority of the day, and there were plans to go to a club downtown later on in the night, but I was feeling a tad carsick after sitting in the back of Jess’s SUV on the trip down that I decided to stay in and watch another Bond.

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