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The International Association of Amusement Park Attractions (IAAPA) is holding its annual expo this week and this time its down here in Orlando. Apparently its come by before many times but has a tendency to move about the country. The show focuses on theme park attractions and the associated companies, ranging from rollercoaster design teams and park displays to arcade games and funnel cake. If it’s entertaining and could fit into a mall, theme park or carnival then its there. It’s the E3 of theme park entertainment, and Amazing Pictures had a strong presence there. I was able to get a vendor pass and attend the expo today with Bruce. I have never been to the Orlando Expo Center before- the place is massive. It would take 5 minutes to run across at full steam if the place where empty. It’s kinda insane how big the show floor was. It was filled with stands, booths and demos as far as the eye can see (literally) including our Amazing Pictures booth-which incidentally features a few shots of yours truly in the video presentation running on the overhead monitors. So many companies where there with a huge assortment of products and services on offer, and more free food samples than you can shake a disposable spoon at. I particularly enjoyed having a go at a Mission Impossible style laser maze in which you are trying to get through a tunnel filled with crisscrossing green lasers without breaking the beams. I did pretty well I have to boast. Here’s a little video of some of the snappies I took while there. I apologize for the Crazy Frog theme music. One of the wack-a-mole games had the damn song blasting and its been stuck in my head all day. So now I’m passing that irritation on to you.

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So did you sneek beer in there? Was that Bruce throwing up?