The Molly MacPhearson Post

On the way up to the wedding Sarah and I made a random bathroom pit stop just south of Savannah Georgia. When looking for a place to stop we noticed a Scottish flag over on of the store fronts, and assuming it was a British store we pulled over in the hopes of snagging some Irn-Bru and Skips for the rest of the trip. Turns out it was a Scotch Bar named Molly MacPhearson’s. Being a Shearer on my mother’s side my family is actually part of the MacPhearson clan, so I was overly excited to see the place decked out with our clan tartan and crest. Met the owner and got a picture next to the fireplace with a picture of his great aunt Molly herself. Had a rousing chat with some of the regulars, including a man who was stationed at Ipswich airbase of all places. Chowed down on some tasty appetizers including some scotch eggs and picked up a ‘Touch not the cat bot a glove’ t-shirt.

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