The Ray-Hall Wedding Post

This past weekend Sarah came down for an evening before we headed off on the relatively brief jaunt up to Hilton Head, SC. We caught the ferry over to Daufauski Island, where the wedding was being held, and stayed in the inn overlooking the ocean. The whole island was beautiful (if not a tad chilly for my newly thinned Floridian blood), and the landscaping was really pretty. The wedding was a blast. Initially we felt like the odd couple out as it was quite a tight nit group of family and close friends, and with me only really knowing the bride, there where a lot of foreign faces. That was a non issue very quickly though as Katie’s family are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and they took no time in making us feel part of the team. The ceremony was wonderful, set on the shoreline in a beautiful gazebo. Katie made her entrance in a very majestic horse drawn carriage (while her brothers arrived down the isle as groomsmen to the Imperial March). After the wedding there was a reception and dinner in the hotel which was a lot of fun. While Sarah and I didn’t get down on the dance floor like the rest of the wedding party, we had a great time. The food….oh man, let me tell you. I have never eaten so well or so much in my life. I am so glad we got to go to the wedding and it was brilliant to catch up with Katie again post-Mason. Sarah and I had a wonderful road trip and mini-vacation together as well which was really great. We both wish Katie and Aaron the best of luck in their new lives together, and offer many thanks for being included and treated so well by her friends and family.


Anonymous said...

OK... so the scarey picture of Sarah and the alligator....it's a photoshop job right?

Katie Hall (Reader) said...


I am so happy you had a good time! I was hoping you and Sarah didn't feel like the odd couple out. Thank you for the many compliments on the wedding. I had a blast planning it and would love to plan another wedding. Maybe someday I'll go into the wedding planning business and make millions!

It's great that you are back in VA again. Where are you working? We should get together, the four of us, for dinner or coffee or something. Drop me a line at my email some time.

Take care and say hello to Sarah for me!

Katie Hall