The Looming Fey Post

Orlando is in a bit of a hubbub right now over the impending arrival of tropical storm Fey. While it is expect to be category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches us late tomorrow night I am not to worried. Coworkers are worried about driving to work and the radio talk show guys are debating on if we should go get water stocks or not… it’s all a mess. It’s the first severe weather we have had all hurricane season and people are jumping on the panic-wagon. Apparently this is not uncommon behavior for Floridians based on past weather scares, so I don’t think I’ll be boarding up my windows or anything. Plus…it’s called Fey. Below is a picture of the worst possible scenario when something is named Fey. Lets hope I didn’t just put my foot in my mouth and will wake up in the middle of a rubble strewn parking lot…

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