The First of 2007 Post

First off happy New Year. I hope 2007 will be a good one for you. It’ll be an interesting year for me I’m sure. I plan on keeping up this living on my own thing for a while, and see if it keeps going in a positive direction. Stefan will be heading out on Wednesday to boot camp for his basic training (Army Reserves) which is a big deal for the family, especially considering the times. Its what he wants to do though and I’m happy he’s picked a defined career path and taken effort towards that goal. Best of luck brother.

Sarah was here last week for New Year’s which was awesome. It was her first time coming down and seeing my new place and the area I’m in. Took her on a tour of work one day so she could meet my coworkers and friends, but unfortunately spent a lot of the week working while she was forced to potter around the apartment (for which I feel bad). We had a great time despite my need to run off to work every day. We watched the recent season of Scrubs as well as a few other DVDs from the recent Christmas haul, had dinner out at some nice restaurants in the area, scoped out all the local shopping attractions and malls, and spend some quality time together. It was great having her here, and I got used to having her live in the apartment with me very quickly. It feels rather empty here at the moment to be honest (no offence Coolio). I’m sure I’ll be fine though, especially considering she’s going to be coming back at the end of February, and that my family will be visiting on various trips this month and next before that.

New Year’s was a lot of fun. Drove around a bit checking out different areas and eventually settled on Howl at the Moon, a piano bar on I-Drive. Their live show, with lots of audience interaction and foul humor made for an interesting night, and it was great to spend the countdown with my lady. As far as resolutions go I haven’t finalized anything yet, probably a little late at this point, but I plan on keeping up with my gym routine with Craig, starting my Maya (re)training and possibly writing that children’s book and screenplay I’ve been kicking about for a while.

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