The Second Shoot Post

Friday we had a pretty cushy day at the office. And by at the office I mean at the theme park. We spent the whole day running about riding various rides and posing for photographs, all on company time. Got a free lunch out of the deal too at the employee cafeteria on the studio back lot, which was pretty cool. On one ride (Men In Black Alien Attack) we were supposed to pose with the laser guns (it’s a target shooting game but in a moving car) away from our faces and looking forward, but the guy who was next to me (some guy who worked at the park) kept holding his gun gangster style and allover his face. I kept yelling at him to put it down lower, but he ignored me. So come time for the photo I’m reaching across pushing his gun down and yelling at him. It makes for an amusing photo, but unfortunately and unusable one. I’ll post the actual ride photos when I can get at them (they are saved somewhere on the server at work), but until then you can enjoy my little clip show of shots I took while we were there.


ladeng012 said...
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sarah said...

your "bruce is my homeboy" t-shirt is key!