The Pathetic Pirates Post

Jake and Mum arrived late Wednesday night and have been spending time down here visiting me. Last night we went to the Pirates Dinner Theater, which is a Medieval Times type dinner with a high seas theme. Oh and a lot crappier.

The stunts were awful less maybe 2 or 3, the acting was almost as bad as the singing (but not quite as atrocious), and the food was small, tasteless and gave me the shits. I did however have a blast. Mum, Jake and I spent the whole time laughing at how bad the whole production was, and made a night of it. The set was really impressive I’ll give them that…but oh man...dreadful show and fittingly shitty food. I would not recommend going unless you want a night of laughing at crap (which can be a lot of fun mind you). They have an impressive holding tank ahead before you go into the main show that has palm readers, snake charmers, gift shops galore and some impressive themed bars, which were pretty cool. We milled about before the show with the crowd for a good hour orso before being escorted to our seats in the main water tank area. The main set is a huge ship with rigging galore and a myriad of trapease access platforms, in a large water tank. Around the tank are colored sections where people are seated (we got the blue section). Each area has a team pirate that you are supposed to cheer for (and boo all others). Our guy was the main hero so he got the girl at the end and won the most fights. But he was also the most weenie and hard to cheer for. Didn’t stop us from getting pretty rowdy though. All in all a great night, but because of the company not so much the entertainment.

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