The Piñata Post

This past week has been one filled with addictive gaming on behalf of the new 360 game I picked up; Viva Piñata. The game, though overly ‘kiddish in its presentation is a ton of fun, and addictive as all hell. The basic premise is that you tend a garden in real time in an attempt to lure animals into becoming your residents (piñata animals of course) you manage the whole circle of life/food chain thing and breed, raise and sell the animals to coax in different creatures. Dumb? Yeah probably, but oh man… hours go by and I don’t even realize. The game is videogame crack. I’ve never gotten into any of those big online games that people put hours and hours into and never see the light of day once they start playing, but I am starting to see how it’s possible.

Fortunately (or not) for me, the gaming gods stepped in and bricked my 360 last night, so now it doesn’t work. After a lot of very long calls with the service department, Microsoft is going to send for my system and repair it. It’ll be out of my hands for a good two weeks or so, which I’m fine with. Plus they are paying for all repairs because it’s apparently a big issue for many people. Same thing happened to the good old PS2 a few years back, and it cost me 70 bucks plus shipping to fix.

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