The Bright and Early Post

Tuesday morning I had to drag myself out of bed at 2:45 for the Pirates shoot. I was quite excited about the whole ordeal so getting in the shower wasn't as hard as it probably should have been. Met up on the Disney back lot by the ride with the guys from work and went inside to set up our lighting. Being a Photoshop jockey I don't know much about the photography side of our company, but seeing all our gear and helping to get the scenes properly lit was an interesting learning experience. The actual shoot was a lot of fun, if not hectic and confusing. There were two teams of photographers shooting in different locations within the ride and a team of 3 character actors who were bounding back and forth between sets. The guys we had to work with were great, and definitely emphasize the character portion of their titles. Jack was right on the money and looks strikingly like Depp and has all the mannerisms and expressions to a tee. Due to the sensitivity of the project and strict Disney nondisclosure rules I cannot post any pictures or resulting work from the shoot. We got some terrific material though that I have been working with for a few days now. That and combined with the new film, I am in a Pirate's fervor.

Afterwards we hit the Polynesian Resort for some Tonga Toast, which was the most intimidating breakfast I've ever attempted to eat. Half a loaf of sourdough bread, hollowed out and filled with banana curd and whole bananas; covered in sugar and cinnamon; deep-fried; and served with sausage and eggs. Man it was good. Wasn't able to polish it off though. After the meal we headed back to the office to get to work on the new pirate projects. Ended up clocking in a 13-hour workday. I was pretty damn tired afterwards.

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