The Week O'Ferrara Post

This past week Eric has been here in Orlando. It’s been great to see him and I’m glad he finally made a trip down here. Coincidentally a buddy of his was in town also as well as a friend from college so it was a productive trip for him on the social front. I pooled my recourses at the office to snag some tickets to Disney and Universal during Eric’s stay, and while he wasn’t keen to go on as many rides as I would have liked, we had a great time exploring all the different parks and seeing all there was to see.

We hit Universal Studios and Islands of
Adventure on Saturday then followed up with all four Disney parks on Sunday. Got some great food at Mythos, which was a first for me (the #1 rated theme park resultant for six years running). Epcot was awesome as always, wandering about the world showcase and checking out the German beergarten in particular. We caught ‘pirates at Citywalk on Friday and hit a few of the clubs there as well as grabbed dinner at the Hard Rock with Marlow and Antoinette. Somewhere out there, there is footage of Eric “repping the V” with light-up LED teeth (an early birthday present) so keep your eyes peeled and let me know.

The rest of the week was filled with random trips about town, checking out places like Millennia, Tijuana Flats and the Ale house and a lot of poorly orchestrated Davy Jones/debutant voice impressions for whatever reason.

Yesterday we went to Medieval times, which is a longtime favorite
and family tradition of ours. Eric had never been, and I hadn’t visited in a fair few years. We were stuck with the yellow knight, who regrettably wath slain posthaste, but we cheered the hell out of him (and his horse) regardless. Any place where you can chug beer, eat half a chicken with your hands and yell statements as ridiculous as “I like your ponytail…I was being sarcastic!” (credit Eric Ferrara) I ok in my book.

All in all it was a fun week, and while we didn’t get to any bea
ches or downtown bars it was awesome to have Eric around, and I think he enjoyed himself as much as I did.

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