The Clermont Retreat Post

This week Nana and Papa along with Lel and Craig came down to stay in Cromar’s Clermont house for a week. The plan was to move some of Lel’s furniture up to her new place in Virginia via U-Haul. They left this morning. It was great to get to see everyone and hangout. Its funny how fast I fall into ‘vacation-mode’ when visiting that house. Crazy to think it’s been 7-months since I was living there. Seems much longer for some strange reason.

Craig and I caught Spider-man as well as hit the local comic book store on “Free Comic Day” which was a holiday I had never heard of before. We snagged loads of free stuff and got some awesome deals on some Spidey/Venom comics (I’m in that sort of mood these days it seems) and got to meet Bob Rollings, the creator of the Little Archie comics. Personally I had never heard of the guy before but he was announced to us as ‘the living legend’ by the cheery store clerk when we arrived. ‘Living’ was a bit of a stretch… the guy barley seemed to know where he was and had an attendent spell everyone’s name for him so he could do autographs. But either way, an unexpected bonus to meet a quasi-celeb and snag a limited edition autographed comic at the same time. Even if it is Little Archie.

During the week we got in a few trips after work to Carrabbas and Outback Steakhouse which was terrific, and I had everyone over for dinner chez-Jamie one night which worked out pretty well (and heavy on the Wii). Spent the weekend relaxing up at Cromar’s and hanging out. Loading the table and boxes into the U-Haul was a bit of an adventure in itself but we manage with little fuss and sent them on their way up to VA. My kitchen is now finally equipped with plates, bowls and glasses for more than two people thanks to some generous donations from Lel and Nana and Papa, which gives them the title as Best Guests Ever. It was great to see them all, and I’m looking forward to surprising Nana and Papa in a few weeks by showing up at their 50th Anniversary party. Shhh don’t tell them.


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