The Biometric Post

I am really pleased at how fast my citizenship application seems to be progressing. While under the impression it would take anywhere from 12 to 16 months I have seen a fair bit of activity with my request already. My check was cashed, almost a month ago, roughly a week after mailing it in- which was the first good sign. Two weeks back I got an official letter confirming my request and double checking my address. And this week I received an appointment notice for Thursday for me to go and have my biometrics done. The only next step is to take the quiz and swear in! I am really pleased, and hope that this will be a continuing trend through the final phases of the application. ‘Biometrics’ as far as I know will just be a finger print sample… but judging from the name I am half expecting some retinal and/ or brain scans, maybe a DNA sample or full-body lazerbeam-thing. I’m sure I will be disappointed but I am holding out that at least the fingerprints are taken like in Men in Black...

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