The Zollo to Quinones Post

Last night was Susan and Mike’s wedding. The ceremony was a close knit affair at Susan’s house with the arbor and walkway setup in the back yard. Lots of people filled the yard as Susan came down the aisle. It was really moving to see both her and Mike besides themselves in happiness, and the ceremony was quite nice. Sarah was down for the weekend, so it was great to be able to bring her along too. Due to the small nature of the wedding there weren’t that many people form the office who we knew, but Buck and Laura as well as Bruce and Stacey where there for the festivities. Victor was playing paparazzi the whole night, but it was great that he was able to make it out too, (even if Susan kept him working). After the food, eclectic-dances and many emotional toasts, Sarah and I headed down to Cricketer’s with Bruce and Stacey for some Newcastles and Scotch Eggs before crashing. It’s really comforting to see how happy two people can make each other, and I am just so glad for Susan that she has found someone like Mike who will devote himself and all he has to her. Congratulations guys.

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