The What Happened? Post

Scott McClellan’s new book “What Happened*” is allover the radio at the moment. Being that I cant stand any music that they seem to want to play down here I have been accustomed to a lot of talk radio when heading about town in my car. Last week all anyone was discussing was McClellan’s anti-Bush tell-all. Many people are raving about it, while others are furious. One of those furious about it was Bill O’Reilly, and I can’t stand that guy. So anything that makes him pissed or aggravated makes me happy, and I feel obligated to read now. I am not one to really be too involved in politics at the moment, but I feel like reading this book would let me at least get an idea of what’s been going on behind closed doors with the Bush administration. Unfortunately the book is FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE to track down. I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve been to about 6 different bookstores in my areas and all of them have either been sold out of have no idea when the book was released because its not in their systems. After a few failures I brought the ISBN number with me to help streamline things but am still without a copy. I have some on order at a few of the more helpful book sellers, but that could take anywhere from a week to two before they receive any special orders. Don’t they know how rare it is that I get the urge to read? (Harry Potter is the only thing that has made me read in the past 15 years) Seriously, they should be buying me the book! I give them three days before I go back to dedicating my reading solely to cereal boxes and instruction manuals. *Insert 24’s countdown sound effect here*

*Complete title in all it’s verbose glory: What Happened Inside The Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception.

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Got one on order too. Can't wait to read it.
Keep bloggin.