The Wicket Post

This past weekend was the start of this year’s Star Wars Weekends at MGM…er…’Hollywood’ Studios (dumb name), so Tom and I headed out to the park for Sunday. Dawn was able to once again passion some Disney ticket goodness so we could both make it out to the event which was really cool, and as always very appreciated. This year the celebrities for our weekend where Jeremy Bullock and Sam Logan who both play Boba Fett in the classic and original trilogies respectively. I met Jeremy last year (nerd proof here) so we skipped on the Fett’s in favor of the other celebrity who was there; Warwik Davis, of Wicket the Ewok fame (also Professor Flitwick in Harry Potter, and Willow amongst others). He was a pretty cool guy and rather laid back, clearly been to a few of these fan deals before. We was really pleasant and talkative though which is cool and was definitely worth going to see. Also tried our hands at the new Toy Story ride they opened up in the park a few weeks back, and have to say its pretty awesome. I’m a big fan of Toy Story in general, but branding aside it was a lot of fun and great addition to the park. We also managed to hit all the other rides in the place before we headed out. Tom hadn’t been in a few good years and was stoked to get to experience it all again before heading off to LA in a few weeks. After the park I went round Tony and Amanda’s for some obligatory Rock Band and BBQ which as cool. Nice way to end the long day.

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