The Tom Party Post

Tom has accepted a position on a 3D team down in Louisiana that will need him to be down there and ready to work starting the 30th of the month. Needless to say I am happy for the guy and wish him the very best, though it is definitely a shame to see him go after being in the Art Department for only a few months. This is a big opportunity for him (and a few of his former classmates that are going with him to be on the same team), though I do feel pretty bad that he’s got to make his peace with Orlando, find a place to live and get down there in less than a few weeks.

Last night I made the trek out to the UCF area to go to Tom’s going away party that his buddy Eddie was throwing for him. A fair few of Tom’s former co-workers and class mates turned out to give him a proper send off. I had a good time and I know Tom did as well. I can relate all to well how hard it is to know that you wont be seeing people again for a long time, and heading off to the unknown. No matter how promising an opportunity is there will always be those downsides, so I hope he is able to cope with being away from his home state. I ended up crashing at Tom’s place after the party saving me the long ride back late at night, and letting Tom have fun without worrying about driving anywhere. Win, win. Poor bastard had to
head out to work at Universal first thing in the morning today though. With the heat at the moment I am definitely not jealous of that.


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