The Trendy Slurpee Post

I like to consider myself somewhat of an office trendsetter. Last year I got everyone hooked on microwave paninis for lunch. Shortly after I became the first member of the ‘office-look-a-like wall’ in the break room. And now I have something new and even more office-tacular! Seven Eleven has this new line of Aluminum Slurpee straws that do a fantastic job of keeping your drink cool, looking awesome in cool metallic colors and…as a dart shooter? The latest craze at the office is Slurpee straws. Ok well, MY latest craze is Slurpee straws and I bought them for everyone in my department. Turns out that these bad-boys make the perfect launcher for inner office amusement, and when combined with push pins and foam core (both of which are in abundance in the Art Department) make for some brilliant target practice while transferring big files or waiting for something to download. What’s that? Your computer died for the 5th time today while rendering a project? That’s cool, don’t get mad. Have a few rounds of Slurpee target practice while you wait for it to boot back up! Stress levels are down 50%! I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Or at least some fresh thumb tacks. I must admit though, I was scared by the alarmingly large amount of co-workers that said it looks like a crack-pipe.

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Tom said...

Nice! It's a shame I left before you devised this brilliant new time-waste...err, I mean entertaining diversion. No pointing them at each other though, alright? You could have someone's eye out!