The Summer Movie Post

So as you may have noticed I have been seeing a lot of movies this summer. I’m a sucker for summer-movie-season and I love a good blockbuster while munching on popcorn. The fact that I can see a movie theater from my bedroom window, and am within a 5 minute drive to three cinemas and an Imax definitely ads to my movie fervor of late. Anyway I figured that while reviews have been such a large portion of my blogging recently that I should offer a summer movie review post. Below is a list of the ‘must-see’s of 08 according to this ignorant blogger. Please bare in mind that I had enough sense to skip the Love Guru’s and Meet Dave’s out there so I am rather biased. I assure you though those movies where horrendous and promise that even though I didn’t see them, if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

Dark Knight- 9/10
Best movie thus far. But you already know that because you saw it opening night and helped to the $155.3 million this guy has made so far. Nice Joker costume by the way! [review]

Wall.e- 9/10
This is the best family offering this summer and one of the most charmingly likable movies in Pixar’s portfolio. If you haven’t seen him yet, go catch Wall.e this weekend.

Speed Racer- 9/10
This movie underperformed and was crapped-on by pretty much every critic out there. But honestly I absolutely loved this one. It’s a special flavor, but one I’d recommend at least sipping at.

Hancock- 7/10
It’s not great, and it’s as flawed as its protagonist; but Hancock has merit enough to warrant a viewing. Fingers crossed for an unrated Blu-Ray release though!

Indiana Jones 4- 7/10
Yeah ok the ending was pretty bad. But you can’t not love Indiana Jones. Unless of course you are a Nazi… That’s what I thought.

Ironman- 6/10
It’s good. Just not as great as people want you to think it is. See it, but not at the expense of the others on the list. Batman really puts it in its place despite a stellar Downey Jr.

The blockbusters are pretty much wrapping up now that Batman has made his entrance but there are still a few good movies coming out before the school buses start popping up on the streets again. It’s coming up on comedy season and there are a few that have caught my eye namely Pineapple Express, Hamlet 2 and Tropic Thunder, all of which look to be hilarious in there own right. Maybe I’ll give Step Brothers a shot, but Farrell has used up his schtick in my opinion and I don’t know how much more man-baby I can handle.

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