The Lakeside Firweworks Post

Last night I was invited over to Kim and Monica’s for their annual 4th of July party. Had a lot of fun hanging out with them and the extended Wolfgang family poolside eating and drinking well. Once the sun went down it was explosion time, and Monica had us covered. She needed help wheel barrowing her resent horsed of fireworks out to the launch pad. If it blows up and makes noise it was in her pile. I had never seen so many fireworks at a private house. They live on an oval lake that has 30 or so houses around it. We hopped over their back fence and down towards the water to launch our fireworks, as did the rest of the neighbor hood. It was really impressive to see some of the displays everyone was putting on. It was almost like a communal fireworks showdown with the neighbors. Fun stuff. I’m biased but I think we had the best of the bunch. Arnold, Monica and I where taking turns setting stuff off then running for cover. We only had a few miss fires, one of which spiraled to about 5 feet away from Arnold and I and showered us with sparks, which was a lot closer than I’d have liked. We also had one box explode on the pad and send pieces sideways allover the place. Gave off quite a bang that actually blew my sleeves back. We finished up with ‘The Beast’ which was extremely impressive. After the show was over Monica gave me this years Phantom Fireworks T-shirt (she gets one every year because she is a vip customer and gives it to someone in attendance). Hung out at the house some more rocking my new uniform and lost horribly to Arnold in a few rounds of pool. I was given a huge to-go-bag on my way out too. As I write this I am chowing down on a heaping plate of backed beans, cheeseburgers and Monica’s famous BBQ chicken. I’m spoiled. Happy Fourth!

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