The Homeleave Post

This past weekend I made a trip back to VA to spend time with the family. Stefan is on his home leave from Iraq for two weeks, so I wanted to be home to see him while he was in this hemisphere. He’s doing really well and seems very happy to be home. It’s a shame that in a few days he has to go back over there again, but knowing that he is growing in all the right directions, has a definitive plan and set of goals for his career and is in high spirits really does help the requisite worried family feelings. Everyone else is doing well too which is always nice to see. Sam is her ever loud but always entertaining self; Jake is 2 inches shorter than me; Dad is improving the ventilation and water-drainage in the Tikibar; and Mum is back in the swing of things at Village Green. Speaking of green; Mum recently slammed her hand in the front door leaving her left hand very painful looking and Shrek-like. I hope she follows through on her promises to get it checked out by a doctor because it’s looking rather…damaged. Had everyone round for an under-deck BBQ which was really nice, and managed to a nice tour of the Arlington area in with Eric on Sunday. I miss-booked my flights and ended up having to take an extra vacation day off from work, so the trip was a little longer than usual. Long enough for me to slip into a comfortable rhythm and be rather upset when it came time to leave. Great to be back though, and really nice to see Stefan. Half way there brother!

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