The Broom Broom Post

Mario Kart came out today on the Wii, so after a much needed McDonald’s breakfast I stopped by the store to pick it up. Having played it for a few rounds I gotta say that its an awful lot of fun. The game comes with a wheel attachment that you pop the wii-mote inside and use like a regular steering wheel. It works pretty well and is the kind of thing you can pick up and play no matter who you are. I look forward to having a few friends round for some wii-wheel waving. Due to Nintendo’s backwards ways a new ‘friend-code (read: annoying number) is assigned to each player if they want to play online. This is of course in addition to the lengthy code number assigned to the wii itself. Why we have to deal with so many inane numbers is beyond me (well I suppose it’s to stop child predators kidnapping Little Timmy’s soul while he plays Mario, but whatever. Screw Timmy). My code is below should you wish to fire turtle shells at me online sometime.

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