The Midnight Launch Post

Monday night I worked the Grand Theft Auto launch, which marks the first time I’ve pulled a shift at GameStop in a fair while. I played the part of the door man letting limited numbers of customers into the shop to pay off their game and then lineup outside to wait for 12:00 to roll around. At which point we let them back in to get the game… bit of an odd system, but with street dated merchandise like big-game-releases we aren’t allowed to send people away with their copy until midnight. Hanging out before and after with Tony and the guys was pretty cool, though I definitely would have started to fade if I didn’t have a Monster on the way there to wake me up. If you ever want to meet some of Orlando’s more ‘interesting’ characters I’d recommend coming out the next time a game about drug deals and car thievery has a midnight release*. Some of the people that where waiting in line where borderline scary. Others cartoons of themselves. Everyone behaved though and didn’t give me any crap for cutting them off in the line and making them wait, which I was afraid might happen. All in all it went pretty smoothly. I picked up a copy for myself, but haven’t sunk any time into it behind the opening cut scene really. Looking forward to giving it a spin at some point over the weekend.

* Why can’t games be more wholesome?

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