The Printed Comic Page

Co-Op is getting printed as part of a ‘TopSoil Anthology’ that will be hitting a select few comic book stores next Saturday for Free Comic Book Day. I am really excited about the whole thing and can’t wait to get my hands on one of the final copies.

Usually Co-Op
alternates pages between Treebeer’d and myself taking turns, but being that he’s got another of his web comics (Jungle Planet) featured in the anthology I was given full rein this time through. The comic features Co-Op, Jungle Planet and Sediment by Mike West, the owner of Top Soil Comics. Co-Op is getting four pages which we are dubbing ‘The Lost Levels’ due to the need for us to re-introduce the characters and pseudo-start-fresh for our print audience. As usual heavy nerdyness is required to understand the majority of the references.

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