The Ghost-ly Video Post

Ghosts I-IV is the new Nine Inch Nails record that features over two hours of instrumental awesomeness. Picked up the record today and am thoroughly enjoying its noisy compilations. I am particularly excited about this record though due to the video ‘assignment’ that has been attached to the music. The project is offered up by Tent Reznor himself challenges Nail’s fans to create videos to accompany his music. I am currently listening through the tracks to figure out which section of the CD I want to try tackle.

I was turned on to the project by Nick and Harris on Facebook, both are directing their own entries (Nick’s is done actually, check here). I am deliberately not checking out any other videos people have made simply because I don’t want it to effect how mine turns out. But that’s not to say you cant take a peek at what’s on offer here. Just don’t tell me anything please. I am thinking I’ll go with animation for my video vs. live footage because it will serve as a nice precursor to my Kings Soul Project and let me get my feet wet before attempting a much more ambitious project.

Update: Screw it. I got nothing. While inspired in theory, the music didn’t offer anything as far as a direction or goal for my animation. I have tried milking a few faint ideas I’ve had over the past few free evenings but nothing is coming out of them. Nothing good anyway. Thus I quit.

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