The 23rd Year Post

23 years old as of Friday last week… While definitely don’t feel very old, it is kind crazy when I think about it. Nothing new this year though, already can drink, drive (but never at the same time), go to war, father a child legally… all that’s left is car rentals at 25 and lower insurance rates. There needs to be some cool new thing that you can only do at 24. Like push old people down the stairs and they are cool with it. Or maybe once you turn 24 you get something awesome, like a sit-down dinner and judo lesson with Chuck Norris. I dunno. You’ve got a year. Make it a good one powers that be!

Friday was pretty sweet. Dawn, Bruce and Susan set me up pretty good at the office with a themed birthday cake and decorations (complete with embarrassing costume). Boss treated me to Red Lobster for lunch (first time going for me) which was terrific. Plus loads of well wishes via AIM, phone calls and birthday cards. Oh and a devil rubber ducky. Thanks to everyone who dropped a line, it’s very much appreciated.

Laid low Friday night in favor of celebrating on Saturday. Dawn scored us tickets to Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration which I will detail in my next post. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Devil Duck was happy to make it to FL in time for your annual birthday bath ;) Miss you kiddo..