The Mardi Gras Post

Yesterday Dawn scored tickets to Universal Studio’s Mardi Gras celebration. The Steve Miller band was playing a show there, plus they have an awesome parade. Not to mention the passes she got us were signed on the back by the operations manager at Universal that allowed us to skip all the lines on all rides and got us into both parks and all the clubs for free. Ate dinner and had a few drinks at Margaritaville. Dawn and crew sent a large cake my way and the restaurant sang happy birthday, which was really nice. Show was cool, though there were thousands in front of us by the time we made it down to the stage end. The parade kicked ass and was a lot of fun. I got more beads than its fashionable for a 23 year old man to wear, and did some tequila shots with Bruce that came in these awesome glasses that light up when they have liquid in them. (had my orange juice out of mine for breakfast this morning because I think it’s cool).

They were filming an episode of the Ellen Degeneres show while we were there also, so it was pretty crazy with cameras, trailers and whatnot running about. And by ‘whatnot’ I mean bulldykes. Not that I have a problem with anyone’s choice of lifestyle in that regard. It just made it hard to grab beads when there were so many women that looked like they’d punch me out if I prevented them from snagging some flying jewelry.

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