The Simpsons Ride Post

So it is official now, after long being rumored and pretty much expected at this point the new ride that will replace Universal Studios recently retired Back To The Future Ride is… The Simpsons. The ride will utilized the previously existing screens and cars for BTTF but with a total Simpsons makeover and up to date technology to create a whole new experience. Set in the Krusty Land theme park the ride will most likely poke fun at theme parks from within a theme park. Promising for the Simpson’s fans out there (and everyone who got leg bruises from Back to the Future’s spastic jolting). The new article that announced the ride also hinted at the possible addition of a Harry Potter themed ride.

Harry Potter has been tied to Disney, Universal, and a few other parks in the ongoing battle to procure the rights and build an attraction. Rumors have been flying back and forth for over a year now as to which park will eventually book the license. You can read up on in at the industry insider blog Screamscape if you so care. Imagine though.. that would be pretty freaking sweet. Re-brand ‘Dragons as a broomstick themed ride, maybe a Quiddich match. Turn Mythos restaurant into Lumos or the Leaky Cauldron…. Sorry I realize that not everyone is a fan, but yeah, I’m stoked to see where this goes.

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