The Costco Post

Costoc rules. Lots of stuff of little money. Love it. As a permanent employee of Colorvision I am eligible for a business membership to Costco on the company. I flexed my new membership card this week and used their tire center to get some nice (and long overdue) wheels on the Celica. Went with some BFGoodrich Sport tires which looks pretty baddass, and ride smooth. Best part is it cost less than half of what the Toyota dealership was going to charge. Those guys really rip you off. I was quoted $1300 to have my catalytic converter and exhaust train replaced by them.. which is a lot to be spending on something I don’t really understand. So I took it down to a muffler shop on the Trail and had a guy cut out the converter and left the old train on there….cost me $400 even. Its crazy what one place will charge compared to another. Pays to shop around I’m learning.

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