The Ellen Showdown Post

So I’ll admit right off the bat that I am not a big Ellen fan. TO be honest I find her quite annoying. She’s fun and all that I suppose, but its just that she always seems to be in that crazy-Tom Cruise-mode and never chills out. With that said I do have to give her props for being really cool in person and a smooth diplomat.

Last night after the Steve Miller Band show I hit up City Walk with the pass I got from Dawn. Everyone else had to head back for whatever reason so I decided to walk off my beers and check out the clubs. I went to The Groove to see what was going on there and found that the Ellen show’s after party was going on. The place was swarming with chicks, most of them on the butch side (but quite a few lookers too). Anyway, Ellen’s crew was there with her and they were hanging out t-shirts that said “I Danced With Ellen” across them. Mrs. Degeneras was pretty much in the center of the mass of people doing her goofy trademark dances and posing for pictures. So I went up to get a shot with her and try to snag a shirt. One of the stage guys reached to give me a shirt and this massive chick snatched it right out of my hands. I turned to her looking pretty pissed and she cursed at me like a cocky sailor. I told her to f- off and she decided it was a good idea to shove me into the crowd behind Ellen.

While I am not a big fighter, I have been shoved about before. But never by a chick. A fat gross chick at that. I was pretty pissed. Fortunately before anything else happened Ellen came over and spoke to ‘lardo’, who gushed with smiles and looked pretty embarrassed. Ellen stood by me while I was helped up and gave me a little hug and said something I couldn’t really hear about dance moves or whatever and posed for a picture while pretending to dust me off. After the incident I made my way to the outside of the mass of people and headed home. If you look at the picture you can see the gross chick in the background (towards the right in the shadows). Crazy night.


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