The Time-To-Post Post

Last few days have been relatively low key. Not that I’m complaining, just offering an excuse for the lack of posts. Easter was cool. Buck, Laura and I headed over to Sue and Arnolds for an Easter brunch and egg hunt for all the neighbor hood kids. Sue and Arnold are the parents of Hayden (the unofficial cutest kid ever). Afterwards we met up with Jess and Dave and went to Buck’s mother’s new house for Easter Dinner. She had just moved so the house was barren for the most part. We ate loads of good food off of disposable plates sitting on folding chairs, which was a nice change from the standard Easter fair.

I won the tile contest at Tijuana Flats, and this week I went by to see my work up on the ceiling and get my prizes (free food and a t-shirt). They gave my tile a pretty primo spot, right when you come in, which is nice. They only ended up getting 10 or so entries so my victory isn’t all that grand, but whatever when I tell people I’ll make it sound way more impressive. Hit the ale house with Bruce once or twice, and had dinner over at Craig’s house another night. All in all nothing crazy really going on.

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