The Bodog PPV Post

Bodog Fight league out of Russia had their first US televised Pay-per-View last weekend, and Craig, his buddy Neil and I, headed over to a guys house who was hosting a PPV party. Had a great time. The show was pretty awesome, brutal, yet much more technically solid and calculated than UFC. Juan (the guy who hosted) had a terrific spread set up with some really fancy finger foods, and a keg of Heineken. One guy who was their brought his wife along, which was a little odd because it was all dudes there. Except for the fact that she was a knockout herself (I’m talking perfect 10 by Jevan standards here), so nobody really complained to much about the breach of man-ness.

Speaking of man-ness. Craig is a former body builder and used to run a GNC style fitness store with Neil, an old buddy of his from South Africa. Craig is my gym partner, and has been terrific at motivating me to be less of a weenie and actually go to the gym. When we were heading to pick Neil up I was expecting another Craig pretty much (6’3”-280 lbs). I was very surprised when the guy was a Brock Lesner clone. Seriously, I have never been in the presence of a larger man (WWE wresters not included). Nicest guy in the world…but damn. Massive. As in-Couldn’t fit on the back seat of a very roomy Mercedes-big. It was fun showing up at a fight PPV party. I felt like the baby bear from Goldylocks. Only downside is my view of hot-wife was blocked by the bulging biceps of my ride.

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