The Disney Quest Post

The Wantula family were down in Orlando this past week doing a Disney trip for Andrew and Gaby (previous campers at Village Green that Sarah and I had in our group) and Andrew wanted to hang out with me at Disney Quest, so I met up with the family after work on Wednesday. Disney Quest is an indoor arcade at Downtown Disney, which before last week, I had only ever seen from the outside. The massive green block is rather unremarkable on the exterior but on the inside it’s a whole other story. The sheer level of different interactive games an activities inside the place is staggering and I am still not quite sure how they fit it all inside. We had a ball in cannon equipped bumpercars, building a roller coaster simulator and then getting to ride it, blasting pirates from a rocking ship deck, and a whole lot more. Disney really have gone the extra mile to make the arcade quite impressive, which makes it all the more unusual that they barely advertise the place at all. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Andrew, and I know he enjoyed the time we spent together. I had to call it a night after playing a lightsaber VR simulator though, as I felt sick as a dog after unstrapping the helmet. Not that VR makes me nauseous, more so the graphics in the game we so dated that I was thrown for a loop. For some reason blocky, first person stuff makes me feel pretty rotten. To this day I can stomach about 5 seconds of Doom before I need to lay down. Got some hilarious footage of this one guy playing the same game…lets say a little less gracefully. Great to see the Wantulas again.

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