The Fireworks Post

Last night I met up with the Godzik’s at CityWalk to catch a movie and watch the Universal fireworks display. All the parks go to town for their Independence Day firework displays so you really can’t go wrong if you head to either or. But CityWalk doesn’t require park access, has a movie theater (I was itching for some Transformers) and is right next to the Hard Rock Hotel, which is where we headed to kill time before the big show. Spent dsome time throwing some air-hockey matches to Bruce’s kids in the arcade, had some really good crab cakes at The Kitchen, and the mosied back to the Universal gate to catch the show. The fireworks were pretty impressive. The sheer volume of explosions and colors in the short time span the show ran for was really impressive. Short, but sweet is definitely how I’d describe it. I caught the last few seconds with my camera which you can check out below. Leaving the area was INSANE. There were over 30,000 people surging towards the exits after the last bang, and it was almost scary how packed it got. You could have body-surfed all the way from the JP ride in the back of Islands of Adventure right to your car door… it was nuts. And traffic was abysmal leaving, as you’d expect. I actually stayed back and spent some more time on the strip while the lemmings marched out. Still had to wait my fair share in the parking deck but it would have been ten times the wait had I left with the masses.

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