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Doritos chips are sponsoring a new contest for the Xbox 360 where in contestants are asked to design a Doritos inspired arcade game for Xbox Live. The winner gets his or her game developed and gets to work with the design team in the creation process. I would very much like to win that prize and could use you’re help in getting there. My idea is a simple one, and very much a lame sellout attempt as far as games go, but its what they are looking for in a winner. Click the link below to see my entry’s page. They keep track of how many visits each idea gets, and allow space for visitors to comment. So if you had a moment, drop by and stay how the game sounds like something you’d love to play or how it’s a great ideas using the brand…or whatever praise you can stomach leaving. I really appreciate it! While you are there take a look at some of the other ideas, then come back to mine and maybe you’ll feel like being more generous with the comments (some of the other ideas are awful!) Tell your friends! CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hey. Left a comment. How do I vote for this entry?

Anonymous said...

Really great idea.