The Short Notice Visit Post

Last week Sarah came down for an unexpected visit. With only one days heads up I didn’t get the chance to anticipate her arrival, so I spent the majority of last Wednesday cleaning profusely. We had a great time hanging about together, watching copious amounts of Scrubs episodes and getting stoked for the final Potter next weekend. Did a little apartment hunting as my lease here is up in a few short months too. Hunter’s Creek is the only area we spent any time poking about, but it seems really nice and a reasonably priced place to live. Bruce and Stacey treated us to a terrific dinner at PF Changs on Saturday which was really great, and we attempted to catch some stand up comedy one night at CityWalk (but arrived too late to get any tickets). Visited the new Cricketer’s Arms pub at Festival Bay as well which as cool, and watched comic/singer (Howie something or other) do his thing, which was hilarious and very entertaining. Plus I had my first scotch-egg in a good 10 years…delicious. It was a shame to see her go so quickly as I do so get used to having her around, but she had an interview today she needed to be back for that could work out nicely (with a transfer down here) if she lands it, so I’m ok with it.

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